Tomorrow's FM Products and Services Awards 2013

Hi-Flo M7 F7 Bag Filter Camfil Farr

The Hi-FloM7F7 Bag Filter is an HVAC Low Energy Air Filter which is specifically designed to deliver the required level of clean air in HVAC systems while consuming the minimum amount of energy.

Camfil Farr have demonstrated through a number of high profile installations that facilities managers can make substantial energy savings (25-50%) by replacing existing filter assets with low energy air filters.

The true innovation of the HiFloM7F7 Bag Filter is that it can be used as a single stage filter system to maximise energy efficiency. It can also be used as a two-stage system to deliver the highest recommended Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) F9 level while still making significant energy savings.

In terms of installation, these low energy air filters can be retro fitted in the existing framework in 90% of cases, meaning that payback is usually less than three months. Low energy air filters typically save 30% in energy consumption. The Hi-FloM7F7 Bag Filter requires less changes than competitor products, less energy consumption, less CO² and sends less waste to landfill.

Tomorrow's FM Products and Services Awards 2013


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