The Hi-Flo XL series

The Hi-Flo XL series

A stellar performer for energy efficiency

In 2009, Camfil launched the Hi-Flo XL series, a new generation of “green” low-energy filters. The Hi-Flo XLT bag filter is a case in point: this filter cuts overall operating costs for ventilation systems and also improves indoor air quality. Hi-Flo XLT only uses 10 bags of filter media but achieves filtration with the same pressure drop development as a 12-bag filter, reducing raw material and resource consumption without affecting performance. This has also resulted in lower transport volumes.

Camfil’s range includes a number of other filters that maintain their efficiency over their life and use less energy to move air through the filter. These include 30/30 filters and Durafil ES. These green products reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

Case studies outlining the benefits of Camfil-Farr’ energy-efficient solutions can be found on dedicated pages at:
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