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The Camfil Solution system (CFSS)

is a powerful platform to use for various calculations concerning Air filters and IAQ.

The CFSS contains software applications such as:

  • LCC – Life Cycle Cost analysis of Camfil products in Air handling units and power generating turbines
  • CREO – Clean Room Energy Optimization design software
  • HPE (High PErformance air filters) - Air filter performance for HEPA and ULPA filters
  • CAT (Comfort Air filter Test reports) - Air filter performance for HVAC filters
  • Clean – Calculation of clean room cleanliness classes
  • Chemical/carbon filter software applications

LCC softwares

The CFSS contains several software applications that can be used for calculating the Life Cycle cost for air filter applications. Life time, energy consumption and the total operating cost of the filter installation is calculated. Additional information such as CO2 emissions and efficiency of the filter system is also provided. You may compare up to three different filter installations instantly and compare the results in a new graphical interface. You may also simulate a real filter installation by using various filter sizes in the filter housing. With the special LCC POWER application you may analyze the best filtration solution for power generating gas turbines.

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LCC - Energy saving software

Clean Room Energy Optimization (CREO) Design Software

The CREO software is essentially a marriage of Camfil’s well known and frequently used LCC (Life Cycle Cost) Green software along with its clean room design software. The two software programs combine to make a robust planning tool that identifies the best air filter options to optimize clean room filtration and energy consumption. Taking into account the latest international industry norms, the tool also generates complete filter and hardware specifications in a simple, easy-to-use format. The software is ideally suited for A&E companies and end users who operate clean rooms in order to optimize their air filtration needs.

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CREO Software

HPE (High Performance air filters)

The HPE gives you the ability to get real efficiencies, pressure drops and construction data for various HEPA and ULPA filters manufactured by Camfil. You may compare up to three different solutions in the new report structure. You may use the software to find the best solutions based on filter sizes and efficiency requirements.


This unique software application can help the designer of a clean room to estimate the cleanliness class in clean rooms or in other spaces (offices, etc.) using Camfil filters. Depending on the number of people, the activity in the room, the ventilation system and the filter selection the clean room class is calculated. This is a very quick and accurate tool for the clean room designer to make the first estimation on what filter selection is needed. Comparison up to three different solutions can be obtained with just a few inputs.

CAT (Comfort Air filter Test reports)

With the CAT you can get efficiency, classification data, pressure drop information for the real operating airflow. This software is currently using the EN779 test data on many of Camfil comfort filters. This easy to use application is a very helpful tool to service users with basic filter performance information.

Molecular filtration software program

The Camfil chemical/carbon selection program is designed to help users and design engineers to estimate lifetime and efficiency of molecular filters against specific target gases at given concentrations. The software programs clearly demonstrate Camfil’s continuing commitment to serving our customers and optimizing filter selection for the microelectronics industry.

To learn more about Camfil software, or to request the use of Camfil software to help you optimize your filtration systems, please contact your nearest Camfil office.


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