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"Complementing the groundbreaking Clean Room Design and Energy Optimization (CREO) software, the manual outlines the theory and calculations behind the software."

CREO 1Clean rooms play a vital role in multiple industries, supporting product innovation and the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies. They are also extremely challenging to design, with very high demands for air cleanliness and an increasing demand from owners and operators to reduce escalating energy costs. As the air cleanliness level is dependent on various factors — the room’s supply air, contamination sources, and the design of the ventilation system — sophisticated computer-aided analysis is often better suited to estimate cleanliness,CREO 2and ensure that users end up with the facilities their application requires. Camfil, the world’s leading provider of air filters is widely recognized as the leading clean air solutions supplier globally. In another industry first, they have released this new publication to support end users and designers to optimize air filtration selection for the most sustainable clean rooms: “CREO, Clean Room Design & Energy Optimization.”


Designed to complement Camfil’s CREO software — an advanced computer-based tool that simplifies clean room design and the selection of air filters, and provides recommendations related to the energy use of the room’s air supply — the new manual includes useful information such as: 

An overview of Camfil CREO software: 

  • Clean room theory and design 
  • Human particle generation calculations 
  • LCC (Life Cycle Cost) calculations 
  • Steady state condition calculations for various designs 
  • Air handling system design specific to the selection of air filters 
  • Latest and historic clean room standards

Clean Room Design Standards & Energy Optimization

The CREO manual & software development was driven by Sean O’Reilly, Camfil’s Global Director for the Clean room segment, with support from a team of internal experts in Camfil corporate R&D & marketing in Sweden, Malaysia & the USA. These tools along with another recently published booklet named, “Life Sciences Industry Insights” demonstrate Camfil’s world-renowned expertise in air filtration applications for cleanroom environments.


Click here to download the “CREO, Clean Room Design & Energy Optimization manual”.


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