Energy saving software

Energy saving software

Camfil was the first filter manufacturer to develop a sophisticated program that calculates the Life Cycle Cost of air filters. Over many years the program has been improved. The program is based on numerous real life measures of filters. This allows us to predict the filter’s pressure drop and lifetime in an actual installation rather than relying on theoretical calculations.
After having selected required filter class, we can calculate LCC for 1-, 2- or 3-step filtration based on either change outs after time or after final pressure drop. The program can be adjusted according to the characteristics of your outdoor air and your specific costs for filters, labour, disposal, cleaning and energy.

Calculation example

In the first example we have selected an F7filter in a typical installation, in an industrial city. The filter is running 4000 hours during one year with airflow of 0.94 m3/s. We look at the installation over 1 year period in order to take into consideration the total cost of the system. In the second example we replaced the first filter with another filter of the same filter class (F7). While the filter has the same size and similar material, the manufacturer’s less favourable design results in a 20 Pa higher pressure drop over the clean filter. As a consequence the energy consumption is affected. The total cost increased by 23 Euro per year – per filter!

 Example 1Example 2
Initial Pressure Drop (Pa) 105 125
Average Pressure Drop (Pa) 160 194
Filters. Labour. Disposal. Cleaning. 55 55
Energy 105 126
Total LCC (Euro per year) 160 Euro 183 Euro

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