LCC-Life cycle cost

LCC-Life cycle cost

Energy consumption

From a long term perspective, it is evident that the energy consumption is the major overall cost of a filter.

The Life Cycle Cost for a filter is the cost of the:

Labour (installing and replacing)
Energy consumption
Cleaning of ventilation system
Disposal of used filters


70 % of the cost is energy!

Calculations reveal that energy normal accounts for 70 % of the total LCC of the system. The energy consumption is directly proportional to the average pressure drop over the filter.

Choosing the right filter saves energy

Camfil has been a pioneer in designing low average pressure drop filters in all filter classes for the last 40 years. Many people assume that the filter efficiency is the largest contributor to initial pressure drop, however, it is the actual design of the filter that has the main impact!

Beware of Camfil imitations

A rival filter with the same number of pockets will not necessarily have the same average pressure during its lifetime. In case of Bag filters our unique tapered stitch allows full utilization of the media resulting in extended life and low energy cost. Having established that Camfil has the lowest average pressure drop, you should then select a filter to achieve the desired IAQ level for your application. Always check for the minimum efficiency as reported in the European standard EN779:2012


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