The cost of clean air

The cost of clean air

The crude oil price has more than doubled over the last few years and the cost of electricity is steadily growing in all countries. Furthermore, developing countries are increasingly becoming more industrialised and their energy needs are soaring.

The filters are the most inexpensive part to improve

 It is well known that building ventilation costs are significant. The 'typical' energy cost of filters as a percentage of the total system is approximately 30%. Selecting the correct filter, i.e. F7 filter efficiency and lowest average pressure drop, can create significant savings on energy while maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

1PA = 1 Euro 

A rule of thumb, for a typical installation running half time over one year, is that one additional Pascal in pressure drop over a filter adds 1 Euro in extra energy cost. A bad filter construction could add 50 Pascal compared to a “good” construction, even when the same filter class is used. In other words it adds 50 Euro on the annual energy bill.


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