Air Filter Testing

Air Filter Testing

Today’s air filtration marketplace includes products, offered in many configurations, that present various advantages and disadvantages when compared to other air filter offerings. There are also different types of media incorporating varying principles of particle capture, each with its own advantage when applied in a ventilation and air conditioning application.
How can filter users differentiate manufacturers’ claims and make intelligent decisions as to what products are applicable to meet their needs?


Camfil maintain a strong commitment to quality control and R&D. We have rigorous in-house and ongoing field trials to ensure all products are compliant with specification.

We continually seek to develop existing materials and identify new medias. We maintain strategic relationships with key suppliers to ensure we secure premium materials tailored to our specific requirements.

On-Site testing/Troubleshooting

We have a wide range of test equipment for On-Site measurements including particle counters, pressure gauges, airflow meters, energy data loggers, corrosion monitors and gas analysis equipment. Combined with the expertise of our engineers we are able to help you troubleshoot and improve your ventilation system. 

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Mobile laboratory
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Test facilities and laboratories

Camfil operates air filter testing laboratories in many of our R&D facilities around the world, all having a goal of developing technology for improved air quality for people, processes, and the environment.

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HEPA / ULPA Testing
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
ASHRAE test duct
Media test rig


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