Waste Management

Research Air filters are designed to remove contaminants from air for the purposes of maintaining human comfort, improving health, protecting people from hazardous materials, and allowing or improving production processes. In doing so, air filters concentrate contamination in the filter media. One typical air filter will cleanse contamination from 13 million cubic meters of air per year.

Camfil's extensive research includes studies on the following topics:

  • TOC (Burnability)
  • Heat value
  • Heavy metals
  • PAH (Carcinogens)
  • Bacteria
  • Working environment for employees changing filters

 Many countries have developed waste management regulations, some of which stipulate how air filters are to be disposed of when removed from service. Camfil operates in virtually every modernized country on the globe, and is familiar with most of the regulations regarding filter disposal.

 Life Cycle Cost

Our life cycle analysis programs provide the most cost-effective solutions available. These programs include disposal cost. The typical cost of disposal of air filters is less than 5% of the total life cycle cost


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