Corrosion Control

Automation is used in manufacturing businesses around the world. Many industries are completely reliant on electronic and electrical control equipment for the safe and efficient operation of complex and valuable manufacturing processes. In certain heavy industries, the external air around the facility is likely to be contaminated with acidic gases. These gases originate from the raw materials used in the process or chemicals added to the process. The industries where these gases are most prevalent are; oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and metal refining and waste water treatment.

Typical contaminants found in an urban area comes from anthropogenic sources e.g. sulphur dioxide SO2 from combustion of sulphur containing coal or oil, nitrogen oxides, NOx from automotive exhaust and the reaction between hydrocarbons, ozone and sunlight. Hydrogen sulphide H2S will emit from sewage installations. Fine particles in the atmosphere that may deposit on surfaces are known to contain corrosive contaminants in the form of salts of ammonium and sulphate that retain moisture and reacts to corrosion products.

The degradation of electrical control equipment by corrosive gases is a well-known effect. If steps are not taken to protect the control assets, then the likely consequence will be unscheduled breakdown caused by equipment failure. Process downtime is expensive and erodes profit and maintenance budgets.

Molecular filtration using adsorption technique is the industry accepted method to remove the corrosive agents from the air.

Camfil’s Corrosion Control solution includes:

  • Evaluation of the environmental conditions
  • Providing filtration solutions in accordance to corrosive gases concentration levels and the operating conditions of the existing ventilation systems
  • On-site performance monitoring, in accordance to the applicable standards such as ANSI/ISA -71.04-2013 and IEC 60721-3-3.

Protecting control equipment in industries such as:

  • Petrochemical / Oil and Gas
  •  Pulp and Paper
  • Mining / metal refining
  • Waste water treatment 
  • Fertiliser manufacture
  • Acid production

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