Laboratories and Bio-Safety Labs

A few uncollected particles or gas molecules can have extremely serious consequences in some processes. Just imagine what harm contaminated air could do to the manufacture of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and to other sensitive processes.

The microelectronics and pharmaceuticals industries utilize different processes needing different levels of air cleaning and Camfil has the professional expertise to help you analyze and specify your requirements. We have a complete range of filter solutions to satisfy your every need.

Extremely sensitive production processes also require a laminar air flow, in which the air moves in parallel streams. This type of ventilation requires Camfil’s patented high-tech filters, which allow air to pass through the filter at controlled face-velocity.

Clean air requirements vary considerably within sectors such as food & beverage, hospitals, car manufacturing, museums or pulp and paper mills, but they have one thing in common: they all benefit from Camfil’s custom-tailored filtration solutions.

Camfil also provides filtration solutions for mini-environments, such as SMIF (Standard Mechanical Inter-Face) and MUA (Make Up Air). Camfil has also dedicated special resources focusing on airborne molecular contamination (AMC).

Camfil has developed partnerships with the leading biosafety and laminar flow cabinet manufacturers for many years. We are very familiar with the technical requirements for this industry. The HEPA product of choice for the industry is Camfil’s MEGALAM filter.


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