Frames & Housings

Inertial Separator Inertial Separator
Absolute Filter Housings (HEPA or ULPA) Absolute Filter Housings (HEPA or ULPA)

Camfil Absolute filter housings are designed for the application of HEPA or ULPA filters.

Filter Holding Frames Filter Holding Frames

Designed for easy installation and sealing integrity, Camfil frames compliment the efficiency of the applied filtration by ensuring that all air moving through the system is filtered to the efficiency of the filter.

Housings for HVAC Applications Housings for HVAC Applications

Guaranteed to have less than 1% bypass across the filter assembly and less than 1% housing leakage from housing to ambient, Camfil air filter housings are designed to ensure all of the air moving through the housing is treated by the filters.


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